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Welcome to MSR Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd, your trusted gateway to academic excellence at Kazan Federal University, Russia. As a premier educational consultancy, we specialize in facilitating aspiring students to pursue their dreams of medical education at a world-renowned institution. Kazan Federal University, recognized as a leading Russia medical university, offers top-tier programs, including the coveted MBBS in Russia. At MSR, we are dedicated to guiding and supporting students on their journey to secure a quality education at this esteemed institution, ensuring a seamless transition to a promising medical career. Explore the possibilities with us!
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Planning to Study MBBS In Russia

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Explore the exceptional opportunity to study MBBS in Russia at Kazan Federal University, among the best medical universities in Russia. MSR Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd specializes in guiding students through the seamless process of securing admission to this esteemed institution. Our expertise in facilitating MBBS abroad ensures a smooth journey towards your medical aspirations. With a focus on quality education and a global perspective, Kazan Federal University in Russia is your gateway to a successful medical career. Let MSR Educational Consultants be your trusted partner in realizing your dream of studying MBBS in Russia.

Discover Excellence at Kazan Federal University

Unveiling a Legacy of Medical Brilliance at Kazan Federal University - Where Innovation Meets Tradition in the Pursuit of Academic Excellence.

Dive into a world of academic excellence at Kazan Federal University, Russia’s best medical university. With a rich history dating back to 1804, Kazan University has consistently upheld its reputation for top-notch medical education in Europe. As a pioneer among the Universities of MBBS in Russia, it offers state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a vibrant student community. Discover your potential and embrace the opportunities for growth and innovation that Kazan Federal University provides. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare and beyond.
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Education Programs

Legacy of Excellence

Kazan Federal University boasts a distinguished legacy of academic brilliance, fostering innovation and research in the medical field.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Experience world-class infrastructure and modern facilities at Kazan University, designed to enhance your learning experience.

Expert Faculty

Learn from accomplished professors and medical experts dedicated to nurturing your skills and shaping future healthcare leaders.

Global Recognition

With its reputation as one of the best medical universities in Russia, Kazan Federal University offers students worldwide recognition and respect.

Cultural Diversity

Benefit from international collaborations with esteemed institutions worldwide, broadening your perspective and providing unique opportunities for academic exchange.

Gateway to Europe

Join a community of high-achieving students and alumni, globally recognized for their contributions to the medical field, offering a competitive edge in your career.

Admission Procedure

Streamlined Steps for Kazan Federal University Admission with MSR Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd.

At MSR Educational Consultants, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free admission process to Kazan Federal University, Russia, for your MBBS aspirations. Our step-by-step roadmap simplifies the Kazan Federal University admission procedure, guiding you with precision. From comprehensive counseling to documentation assistance, we are committed to making your MBBS admission in Russia a seamless experience. Trust MSR Education Consultants to pave the way for your academic success at Kazan Federal University. Your journey to excellence begins here.

Document Submission

Submit original documents including passport, 10th and 12th mark sheets, conduct certificate, transfer certificate, birth certificate (if minor), Aadhar xerox of student & parent, and 5 passport-sized photos. Also, provide NEET Rank card and medical report. Upon document submission, students receive the ACCEPTANCE LETTER from the University.

Application to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia

After obtaining the ACCEPTANCE LETTER, proceed to apply for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Russia.

BEL-NRU Entrance Test

Once approved by the MFA, Russia, students will undergo the entrance test conducted by the University.

Embassy Document Submission

Prepare documents for submission to the embassy including invitation letter, MEA Apostille & HRD attestation on mark sheets, ministry decree, rector order, reference letter, accommodation letter, sponsor letter, travel & health insurance, and flight itinerary. Ensure all documents are in order.

Financial Documentation

  • Guide you in preparing a sponsor s bank statement of the last 6 months with a balance of Rs 3-4 lakhs, stamped by the bank manager.

Visa Application

Upon gathering all required documents, apply for the Russian Consulate visa. Complete the visa application on the Russian Consulate website and upload all necessary student documents.

Submission to the Consulate

Submit the visa application to the Consulate along with all required documents. The Embassy typically takes 15-20 working days to process the visa application and make a decision.

Revolutionising Medical Education Infrastructure

Kazan Federal University's Progressive Infrastructure Sets New Standards in Global Medical Education.

Discover the rich legacy and cutting-edge infrastructure of Kazan Federal University, a beacon of medical education since 1802. Ranked among the world’s top 350 medical universities, it stands as the second oldest MBBS university in Russia. With over 214 years of academic excellence, Kazan Federal University is recognized for its outstanding research, diverse fields of study, and a faculty of 3300 guiding more than 4700 medical students.

Financial Transparency: Explore Kazan Federal University Fees Structure 2024

Academic Year 2023-2024

Delve into transparency with MSR as we elucidate Kazan Federal University fees, providing insights into the MBBS fee structure in Russia. Our commitment to clear communication ensures you grasp every detail, making Fees & Admission for MBBS at this esteemed institution a seamless process. Trust MSR for a comprehensive understanding of MBBS fees in Russia and secure your financial plan for a successful academic journey at Kazan Federal University, Russia.
Year Semester Fees Structure 2023 2024
1st Year 1st Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Year 1st Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
3rd Year 1st Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
4th Year 1st Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
5th Year 1st Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
6th Year 1st Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
2nd Semester $ 5500 ₹ 4,57,000
Note: Excluded Hostel Fee & Other Fee 1$ is equal to ₹ 75 (Approx)

Why to choose Kazan Federal University?

Choosing Kazan Federal University for your MBBS journey is a strategic move towards excellence. As the second oldest university in Russia and a top university in the country, Kazan Federal University offers a unique blend of historical significance and cutting-edge facilities, making it the best medical college in Russia. Explore the compelling reasons to opt for studying MBBS in Russia at this prestigious institution.

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