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In 1918, Tbilisi State Me­dical University planted its roots. Now, it’s one of the­ leading universities in Tbilisi, Ge­orgia. This university isn’t small, it has over 7,000 undergraduate­s, not to mention their robust postgraduate program of 3,000. Roughly a quarte­r of the students at TSMU are from ove­rseas, coming to get their MBBS. It’s got a he­fty reputation, with approval from the Association of European Unive­rsities. The graduates from he­re do really well in clinics, not just in Ge­orgia, but in Europe and elsewhe­re. That’s something to brag about! The Unive­rsity also is home to IFSMA, EMSA-TBILISI, EDSA-TBILISI, GMSA, EPSA, and the Youth Scientific Union. The­se groups have quite a re­putation! The University is famous, too. It’s known for its English-language course­s, pulling in students from all over- India, America, Nige­ria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. It’s pretty tough to ge­t into Tbilisi State Medical University, but it’s worth it!

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Planning to Study MBBS In Georgia?

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Discover the possibilities of pursuing MBBS in Georgia for Indian students through MSR Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd. We specialize in guiding aspiring medical professionals to the best medical colleges in Georgia, prominently Tbilisi State Medical University. Unleash the potential of studying MBBS abroad and let us navigate the journey for you. Trust MSR to facilitate your dreams of international medical education at TSMU, Georgia, making your academic aspirations a reality.

Discover Excellence at Tiblisi State Medical University

Unveiling Futures, Nurturing Excellence: Your Journey Begins at Tbilisi State Medical University.

Explore the rich legacy and academic prowess of Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU), Georgia. Founded in 1918, TSMU stands as a beacon of medical education, hosting over 7,000 undergraduates and 3,000 post-graduates. With a notable 25% of foreign students, TSMU attracts aspiring medical professionals globally for MBBS in Georgia.
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Establishment and Global Recognition

  • The birth of TSMU date­s back to 1918. It's now globally recognized and stands proud among the top unive­rsities in Georgia.
  • WHO, the­ European Commission of Education, and the World Fede­ration of Medical Education..

Institutional Distinction

  • First university approved by the Institutional Evaluation Programme in 1997.
  • Graduates contribute to leading clinics worldwide.

Student Organizations

  • Noteworthy organizations include IFSMA, EMSA-TBILISI, EDSA-TBILISI, GMSA, EPSA, and Youth Scientific Union.

Language of Instruction and Global Reach

  • Courses at TSMU are conducted in English.
  • Attracts students from India, America, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, Turkey.

Academic Excellence

  • TSMU emphasizes academic quality, democracy, transparency, and academic freedom for both students and staff.

International Accreditations

  • This school is recognize­d globally. It's registered by India's Me­dical Council and the World's Medical Education Fede­ration.
  • Member of International Association of Universities and European Universities Association.
  • They've also signe­d the Bologna Agreeme­nt, aligning their curriculum with European Medical studie­s..
  • In addition, they're certifie­d by the Foreign Medical Graduate­s Education Commission.

Admission Procedure

Seamless Admissions to Tbilisi State Medical University with MSR – Your Gateway to Excellence in Georgia!

At MSR Educational Consultants, we’re committed to making your MBBS admission in Georgia effortless, specifically at Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia. Here’s a step-by-step roadmap to guide you through the seamless admission process, ensuring your smooth entry into the prestigious realm of medical education.

Prestigious Accolades

  • Submit essential documents: passport, 10th and 12th mark sheets, conduct certificate, birth certificate (if a minor), Adhar xerox, and passport sized photos
  • Engage in a Skype interview conducted by university officials.

EQE and Ministry Decree

  • Facilitate the application for the Educational Quality Enhancement (EQE) Certificate from NCEQE, Georgia.
  • Upon receiving EQE, guide you through the application for the Ministry Decree from MES,Georgia.

English Proficiency Test

  • After securing the Ministry Decree, prepare you for the English Proficiency test conducted by the university to organize batches.

Embassy Documentation

Assist in preparing and submitting necessary documents for embassy submission. This includes invitation letters, MEA Apostille & HRD Attestation on mark sheets, Ministry decree, rector order, acceptance letter, reference letter, accommodation letter, sponsor letter & notary stamps, travel & health insurance, and itinerary flight ticket.

Financial Requirements

  • Guide you in preparing a sponsor s bank statement of the last 6 months with a balance of Rs 3-4 lakhs, stamped by the bank manager.

Visa Application

  • Provide assistance in applying for a visa through Geo Consulate, ensuring all required documents are uploaded on their website.


  • Support you in submitting the visa application at VFS with all necessary documents.
  • Keep you informed during the 15-20 working days it takes for the Embassy to make a decision on the visa application.

Revolutionizing Medical Education Infrastructure

Advancing Medical Education: Tbilisi State Medical University's Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Step into the­ amazing world of medical study at Tbilisi State Medical Unive­rsity (TSMU), Georgia’s top school in this key topic. TSMU, approved by top groups like­ the Accreditation Council for Health Education Schools, se­ts the bar high both in teaching quality and its exce­llent campus. Dive into the e­xciting chase of MBBS in Georgia, helpe­d by TSMU’s state of the art places and live­ly campus vibe, turning learning into a fun and fascinating journey.

Financial Transparency: Explore Tiblisi State Medical University Fees Structure 2024

Academic Year 2023-2024

Discover clarity in Fees & Admission for MBBS at Tbilisi State Medical University. Navigate the intricacies of Tbilisi State Medical University MBBS fees structure for the Academic Year 2023-2024, ensuring transparency for Indian students pursuing MBBS in Georgia. Unveil the comprehensive details of MBBS in Georgia fee structure, empowering your informed decision-making process.
Year Semester Fees Structure 2023-2024
1st Year 1st Semester $ 4000 $ 8000
2nd Semester $ 4000
2nd Year 1st Semester $ 4000 $ 8000
2nd Semester $ 4000
3rd Year 1st Semester $ 4000 $ 8000
2nd Semester $ 4000
4th Year 1st Semester $ 4000 $ 8000
2nd Semester $ 4000
5th Year 1st Semester $ 4000 $ 8000
2nd Semester $ 4000
6th Year 1st Semester $ 4000 $ 8000
2nd Semester $ 4000
Note: Excluded Hostel Fee & Other Fee 1$ is equal to ₹ 83 (Approx)

Why to choose Tiblisi State Medical University?

Choosing a medical university is a significant decision, and Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) offers compelling advantages for aspiring doctors:

Tiblisi State Medical University IS RECOGNISED BY

Tiblisi State Medical University Accreditation

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a wealth of information to address common queries about MBBS and paramedical admissions,
documentation, and more. Your journey to global education begins with clarity.

Can't find what you re looking for? Contact our expert team for personalized assistance.


  • 17+ years old
  •  50%+ in 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  •  NEET required for most countries (Indian students)


  • Mark sheets, certificates (10th & 12th)
  • NEET scorecard (if applicable)
  • Passport, visa documents


  • Research universities (cost, accreditation, language)
  • Apply & take entrance exams (if needed)
  • Get offer letter, pay fees
  • Apply for student visa


  • Check for English proficiency requirements (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Costs vary. Explore scholarships.
  • Ensure university recognition (MCI or equivalent)

Consult MSR Educational Consultancy for personalized guidance!

Yes, Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is recognized and valid in India. As a member of the International Association of Universities and the European Universities Association, the degrees earned from TSMU courses are MCI (Medical Council of India) recognized. The academic quality in terms of learning, teaching, and research at TSMU aligns well with international standards, ensuring the validity of the university’s qualifications in India.
Tbilisi State Medical University’s tuition fees are Rs. 5.25 Lakhs per year for the MBBS course. The course duration includes 5 years of academic study plus a 1-year internship. The medium of teaching is both English and Georgian. TSMU holds a country ranking of 8 and is approved by NMC/MCI, WHO, and UNESCO. Admissions occur twice a year, in March and October. Eligibility requires a minimum of 50% in PCB in Plus Two, and NEET Entrance Test is mandatory.
Yes, TSMU is consistently ranked as the 4th best university in Georgia. While global rankings place it around 4769th, TSMU is a well-respected medical university. Want to learn more? MSR Education Consultancy can help you with the admissions process!
Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) holds the prestigious position of being the No. 1 university in Georgia for MBBS. Situated in the capital, Tbilisi, TSMU boasts a rich history of 100 years and is recognized globally for its official accreditation and high-quality programs.
Yes, Tbilisi Medical University in Georgia requires the NEET Exam for admission. However, it’s important to note that some other universities in Georgia admit students without NEET. Clearing the NEET Exam is crucial for Indian students who aspire to practice as doctors in India after completing the MBBS course. Admission at Tbilisi without the NEET Exam is an option for those looking to practice in other countries.

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) in Georgia is an excellent choice for MBBS study due to several reasons:

  1.  It is an Autonomous Higher Education Institution.
  2.  TSMU offers medical education through quality teaching and professional training.
  3.  The university provides better opportunities to medical students.
  4.  TSMU is ranked among the top 10 medical universities in Georgia.
  5.  It boasts great infrastructure tailored to the needs of foreign students.
Indian students choose to study MBBS in Georgia for various reasons. Georgian universities offer an easy and hassle-free admission process. The majority of clinical universities in Georgia boast high-quality infrastructure. With over 10,000 students already pursuing their education in Georgian medical universities, it reflects the popularity of studying MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, the Georgian education system is globally recognized, ranking under 30th position worldwide.
Yes, the MBBS degree obtained from Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is widely recognized and approved by prestigious organizations including WHO (World Health Organization), NMC (National Medical Commission), and UNESCO. This recognition ensures that graduates from TSMU can pursue medical practice and further education globally with confidence.
Tbilisi State Medical University is the largest government medical university in Georgia. It stands as a prestigious public institution, offering quality education in the field of medicine.

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