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Unrivaled Expertise in MBBS and Masters Admissions Worldwide

At MSR, our mastery in global education sets us apart. With unparalleled expertise, we guide you seamlessly through MBBS and Masters admissions, ensuring a transformative and informed journey to success.

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Experience the pinnacle of personalized guidance with MSR s expert consultation. Our seasoned professionals provide tailored insights, ensuring informed decisions and a clear path to academic success.

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Simplify admissions and documentation with MSR. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle free experience, guiding you through every step for a seamless entry into esteemed MBBS and Masters programs abroad.

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Comprehensive Pre & Post Landing Support: MSR goes beyond admissions, offering a dedicated commitment to your success. From pre-departure preparations to post arrival guidance, we stand by you every step for a confident start to your academic journey abroad.

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Feel at Home Abroad: MSR ensures worry free accommodation and familiar Indian cuisine for a comfortable student life. Your well being is our priority, providing a supportive environment as you pursue your dreams in foreign MBBS and Masters programs.

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Dive into a realm of educational possibilities as MSR orchestrates strategic REGISTRATIONS, INCORPORATIONS, AGREEMENTS, COLLABORATIONS with renowned universities. Our meticulous approach ensures seamless partnerships, fostering an environment where academic excellence thrives. Join us in shaping the future of education through purposeful connections and visionary collaborations.


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Step into the inspiring world of MSR through our testimonials, where real success stories come to life. Discover firsthand accounts of triumph, resilience, and transformation as our students share their educational journeys. From pursuing MBBS abroad to excelling in Masters courses, these narratives are a testament to the unwavering commitment and personalized support MSR provides on the road to academic achievement. Join the chorus of success and let your story be the next chapter in our testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a wealth of information to address common queries about MBBS and paramedical admissions,
documentation, and more. Your journey to global education begins with clarity.

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Whether studying MBBS abroad is worth it depends on various factors including individual preferences, career goals, financial situation, and the quality of education offered by the chosen university. Here are some factors to consider:

Quality of Education: Research the reputation and accreditation of the universities offering MBBS programs abroad. Ensure that the institution is recognized by relevant medical councils and bodies.

Cost: Compare the cost of studying MBBS abroad with that of studying in India. Consider tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, and currency exchange rates. Evaluate whether the investment aligns with your financial capabilities and long-term career prospects.

Career Opportunities: Investigate the recognition of the degree internationally and in India. Some countries may have specific licensing requirements or additional examinations for foreign medical graduates to practise medicine.

Language Barrier: Assess your proficiency in the language of instruction. Some countries offer MBBS programs in English, while others may require fluency in a different language. Language barriers can affect your academic performance and overall experience.

Cultural Experience: Studying abroad provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, broaden your horizons, and develop cross-cultural competence. Consider whether you are open to adapting to a new environment and embracing cultural diversity.

Support System: Evaluate the support services provided by the university for international students. This includes academic support, accommodation assistance, health services, and counselling resources.

Popular Destinations: Russia and Georgia are popular destinations for studying MBBS abroad, offering reputable medical universities with English-medium programs, affordable tuition fees, and a diverse cultural experience.

Ultimately, whether studying MBBS abroad is worth it depends on your individual circumstances and aspirations. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, seek guidance from academic advisors or professionals in the field, and make an informed decision based on your goals and priorities.

MSR Admissions offers a full suite of services to assist students in pursuing MBBS abroad. This includes personalised counselling to select the right country and university, assistance with application forms and documentation, guidance on entrance exams and interviews, visa application support, and pre-departure briefings.
MSR facilitates admissions for a variety of Masters courses, particularly in the medical and health sciences fields. This includes specialisations such as Public Health, Pharmacology, Clinical Research, and other advanced medical degrees that complement an MBBS.
Yes, MSR can assist with finding suitable accommodation that meets students’ preferences and budget. Additionally, MSR can provide information on accessing Indian food abroad, whether through university canteens, local Indian restaurants, or stores that sell Indian groceries.
Yes, MSR can assist with finding suitable accommodation that meets students’ preferences and budget. Additionally, MSR can provide information on accessing Indian food abroad, whether through university canteens, local Indian restaurants, or stores that sell Indian groceries.
MSR simplifies the admissions and documentation process by providing clear checklists and timelines, helping with the compilation and verification of necessary documents, and ensuring all paperwork meets the specific requirements of the chosen university and country’s immigration policies.
Yes, NEET is compulsory for Indian students wishing to pursue MBBS abroad in 2024
Yes, you can practise in India after an MBBS degree from abroad by passing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination)
Yes, you can apply for jobs in Government Hospitals or Medical Institutions in India after a medical degree from abroad.
You can appear for the FMGE a maximum of 3 times.
Parents can visit students at universities abroad, and students can travel during holidays or stay back abroad under certain conditions.
The cost of pursuing an MBBS degree abroad can often be more affordable than the expenses incurred for the same degree in India, especially when comparing with private medical colleges. You can call us directly to get advice on financial planning. Approx cost starts from 15 Lakhs.
Admission tests for MBBS abroad; You need to qualify in the NEET Exam.
We assess each student’s academic background, preferences, and career goals to recommend universities that best fit their profile. We also provide detailed information about the universities’ accreditation, curriculum, and campus life.
We offer advice on scholarships, education loans, and financial planning to ensure that students can manage their finances effectively while studying abroad.
We provide coaching and study materials for exams like the MCI screening test, USMLE, PLAB, etc., to ensure our students are well-prepared to meet the licensing requirements of their chosen country.

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